Welcome to the “National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office Official Website” (hereinafter referred to as the Site). In order for you to safely access the Site’s different information and services, we hereby explain to you the Site’s privacy protection policies to ensure your rights. Please read the following carefully:

1. Privacy Protection Policy Range of Application

The contents of the privacy protection policy include how the Site processes private recognition information collected from your usage of the Site.

2. Collection, Process and Usage of Individual Information

  • When you visit the Site for business or participate in the Site’s activities, we may request necessary personal information depending on your business and nature of activity. We will process and use your personal information to an extent. Without your written approval, the Site will not use your personal information for other uses.
  • When you use interactive functions within the Site, the system will retain the name, email address, contact number usage time etc
  • When browsing the Site, the server will automatically record your actions, including your IP address, usage time, used browser, browsed and information selected which will be used as reference to improve our website. The browsing history will only be used internally and not disclosed.
  • In order to provide precise services, we shall document statistics and analyze the content of the questionnaires we receive. The statistics or descriptive wording of the analysis results will be used for internal research as well as disclosure of overall data and descriptions but no individual or special personal information shall be involved.

3. Data Protection

  • The Site is equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other information security required measures. Both the Site and your personal information are protected through the tightest of security and only authorized personnel have access to your personal information. All processing personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement and are subject to legal penalty if violation occurs.
  • The Site’s confidentiality responsibilities also apply to services provided for business requirements and an additional inspection procedure is implemented to make sure security measures are properly implemented.

4. External Links Provided by the Site

The Site provides external links that allow you access to other external sites. However, external sites do not hold to the same privacy protection policies as the Site. Users should make sure they fully understand the privacy protection policy of the external sites before use.

5. Third Party Private Information Sharing Policy

The Site will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to a third party, group, private enterprise or government office. However, access requests with legal basis or signed agreements are excluded. Aforementioned exceptions include:

  • Received your written approval
  • Regulated by law
  • A matter of national security or beneficial to public interest
  • In order to avoid danger to your life, body, freedom or property.
  • Request for collective data from a government agency or academic research institute on the grounds of public interest or academic research. All information is processed to avoid any forms of recognition.
  • When your usage of the Site violates the Office’s terms and conditions, might damage or prevent the Office’s rights, or when causing losses any individual, which after access of the office, is deemed necessary for identification, contact or legal purposes.
  • Beneficial to your rights.

When authorizing vendors to collect, process or use your personnel information, the Site shall fulfill obligations and responsibilities of a monitoring the vendor and individuals.

The aforementioned are examples in which the conditions apply. If a situations rises which align with the previous 7 instances, the exceptions also apply.

6. The usage of cookies is to provide you with the most optimal services.

The Site will insert and use its own cookie. If you do not want receive the insertion of cookies, you can change your browser privacy setting to highest. It will then prevent the insertion of Cookies. However, it can result in the disabling of some of the Site’s functions.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Right Protection Policies

The Site requires constant update and revision of its privacy right protection policies. Any adjustments will be disclosed on the Site.

8. Privacy Rights and Security Policy Consultation

If you have any inquiries regarding the Site’s privacy rights and safety policies, please contact us any via email at: