FinTech Forum and the establishment of NTU FinTech Center

  • 2019-07-25
  • 標籤

With increasing attention to FinTech, National Taiwan University, the FinTech Center, is officially opened by the former Premier of Executive Yuan, Chang San-Cheng, the President of National Taiwan University, Kuan Chung-ming, Executive Vice-President, Chen Ming-Syan, Research, Development Director, Li Pai-Chi, and the Director of FinTech Center, Chang Jyh-Shing and other VIPs. FinTech aims at integrating artificial intelligence and financial technology and developing cross-field applications that meet market needs, leading Taiwan to a new realm of digital finance technology.

National Taiwan University FinTech opening ceremony

On the same day, the "Fintech Forum" was held simultaneously to discuss the policy, technology and application. NTUILO had invited members’ VIPs, potential industries and academia personals came together to participate in the event at the GIS International Conference Center. The President of the National Taiwan University first brought a speech to the event, the President first gave his blessings and hope to the establishment of the FinTech Center, and then the President recalled his experience as a scholar 30 years ago, the thesis he devoted to, was the artificial neuro network, which is highly related to current FinTech and brought some nostalgia, and he further emphasizes that "National Taiwan University has the best talents for electrical engineering, IT, finance, management and law. Through cross-cutting cooperation in production and learning, innovative information technology applications and business models to promote Taiwan's FinTech industry, the FinTech Center of National Taiwan University aims at enhancing the overall competitiveness of the country, making research and development in line with cross-disciplinary financial applications on the market!”

National Taiwan University President Kuan Chung-ming speech

Former Executive Yuan Premier Chang San-cheng immediately took the podium speech. In the past, the National Science Commission was upgraded to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chang was the first Minister of Science and Technology as well as an important pusher of Taiwan's scientific and technological development. Today, Chang San-cheng said that AI will be widely used in precision manufacturing, science and technology agriculture and digital finance, and Taiwan University setting up a FinTech research center is quite encouraging. With "Open Bank" as its opening theme, the Taiwan University Financial Science and Technology Forum discussed the current situation and future of FinTech on forward-looking issues in the Fintech Industry Forum, Policy Forum and Fintech Technology Forum, respectively. Different from traditional financial centers, the forum also covered


innovations including Uber, Airbnb, which dominates the sharing economy.

Former Executive Yuan Premier Chang San-cheng speech

Other essential themes include third-party payments, P2P online lending, mass fund-raising, big data applications, blockchain extension applications, and the expansion of AI's wide application in the financial industry, such as: financial robots and other emerging business models, transaction patterns, new technology to regulators and existing regulatory structure challenges.

FinTech Forum from left to right: Huanan bank vice president Hsu Bo-lin, Taipei Fubon Bank vice president, Li Wei-bin, Cathay Life vice president Chen Ming-huan, E.SUN Financial Holding CTO, Chen Sheng-wei

The team of National Taiwan University's Fintech Center will consist of the four major colleges: electric capital, industry, commerce and law, and combine artificial intelligence and high-end technology to make FinTech a huge part of the transformation and development of multi-faceted integration. In the future, we will develop cross-disciplinary financial applications in line with the market, including green energy technology, Internet of Things, biotechnology, precision machinery and defense industries, cooperating with artificial intelligence, information technology and FinTech regulations. With these attempts, Fintech will promote the deepening of data research and security, strengthen the development of the financial industry, establish digital services and business models, and actively assist small and medium-sized enterprises transformation with credit guarantee funds. In addition, the FinTech Research Center will be able to turn over the economic model and expand the size of domestic financial markets through the guidance allocation of funds and financial professional services to support the development of industry through finance, promote the transformation of industrial innovation, establish an aging social security mechanism, support public infrastructure and enhance the international competitiveness of the financial industry.

FinTech regulatory forum: vice chairman of financial supervisory commission Chang Chuang-Chang (left); former chairman of financial supervisory commission Wang Li-Ling.