Taiwan ICDF visiting ILO, TEC, and D-school

  • 2019-08-16
  • 標籤

International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) works towards providing scholarships for outstanding teenagers from our allies to study in Taiwan and organizing workshops for their officers under commissions from the ministry of foreign affairs.

By seeing how NTU supports startups, links academia with the industry, and exchange ideas with different countries, the visitors could apply our methods to the business in their countries.

Our visitors include officers, researchers, youth entrepreneurs, and union representatives, who are responsible for youth entrepreneurship development in ASEAN and south Asia countries.

First, vice CEO of NTU ILO, Grace Chang, introduced NTU’s history and international accomplishments, as well as ILO’s mission. What follows the introduction was a lively discussion on experience of industry-academia collaboration in the Q&A time.

Finally, the presentation was closed by the gift-exchanging part by both the vice CEO, Grace Chang, and the representative of our visitor.

Afterwards, Jennifer from D-School gave the visitors a tour in the organization.

D-School opens up courses for creative design, encouraging the “maker spirit” from the students. To provide a environment for creating, there are open spaces with accreditation requirements for students to sign up.

Finally, Lisa from NTU TEC introduced their center and showed the visitors around.

Taitah Entrepreneurship Center (NTU TEC) has had 6 batches of activity and 13 startup teams, to which the visitors responded very positively.

Due to the tight schedule of the group, the visit was closed successfully with the company of NTU TEC staff.